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Cirque Des Enfants TRIUMPH

2010-06-15 11:02:23 by Spune

My animated short 'Cirque Des Enfants' was a triumph at my End of Year Show. Not only did I win £100 for best film, but hordes and hordes of people stopped to watch it in it's entirety. 0442916/cirque-des-enfants-the-premier e

Click the link for a full run down of the evening.

And for my next trick...

2009-09-24 20:31:21 by Spune

Hey thanks everyone for the generally positive response I've been getting for my cartoon.

It is definitely encouraging and I've almost finished my next cartoon. This one is based on the Resident Evil games and is called "Wesker's Report".

My brother Rory who did the voice of Charleene in my "My Super Sweet 16" video does an AMAZING Albert Wesker impression. In my video we see a day in the life of the camp super-villain of the survival horror games including him farting on a bus, buying new sun glasses and decorating a birthday cake for his good friend Chris Redfield.

Out next week-ish.

And for my next trick...

And not just because I want you to see it but I want to see if it loads properly. Whenever I watch my cartoons online they are always really slowly when they aren't on my own computer. Is it something wrong with my computer or the flash file? Is it really slow and unsynchronized for you?

Sky Rider

2007-07-22 14:48:49 by Spune

Sky Rider is my new flash cartoon series. Episode 1 (The Wonders of Spaceman) will be released shortly.

It is a British sci-fi comedy series, spoofing shows like Doctor Who and Star Trek about a useless Irish space captain called Tom Wilt (or Sky Rider in the first few episodes... it gets explained) of the Starship Laika who gets marooned in 2006 and picks up a girl named Funty Puswad, who joins him in adventures in the year 5050! They meet Shane Slip and Traci Marely and together they decide to defeat Gallorgalax and his army of Gastropods!

Should be out next week.